The world's largest container ships entering the Panama vessel register

By Elida Moreno

The container with greater capacity built in the world, MSC Gülsün entered the International Ship Registry of Panama which hosts around 18% of the world fleet of ships, the government reported.

Minister of Maritime Affairs, Noriel Arauz said the new flag reinforces the commercial line connecting the largest ship registry in the world that Panama boasts over 8 thousand ships.

Arauz stressed the importance of championing a vessel MSC signature, listed as the second largest container transport globally operating a fleet of more than 519 cargo ships with a total capacity reception 3,2 million TEUs or containers 20 pies.

"Our approach to this five-year period is to give priority to innovation and modernization, It is why this new acquisition can say that we started with firm steps towards a comprehensive restructuring, in order to continue expanding and strengthening the Merchant Marine of Panama ", the official added.

The Maritime Authority of Panama (AMP) said the container ship MSC Gülsün measures 400 meters in length (length), 61,5 meters wide (width), and depth of 11.5 meters, features 210,000 of gross tonnage and 197,500 tonnage of dead log, According to the official report.

The maiden voyage of the ship scheduled for 8 of July, will cover the route between the port of Xingang (China) to northern Europe.

Gülsün MSC operate as a connection between the northern route from Europe and Far East under the framework of the partnership that integrates with Maersk, He is adding AMP.

the portacontedores, is the first of 11 ships that break record for its size built by the Korean shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries, at the request of the company MSC.

The Panama Ship Registry has excelled over the last two decades not only as the greatest, but as one of the safest.

Added to that, the shipping regime of the country is considered as "harmful" by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), ie "no risk, nor it is detrimental "to the tax base or tax in other countries,

AMP said maintaining satisfactorily reviewing the tax regime Naviero has a positive impact on all companies generating activities around the maritime conglomerate, They are offering various services to the thousands of ships transiting the territorial waters each year.