11 August, 2022

Why did Andrew Cuomo quit?

Andrew Cuomo. Photo: Courtesy.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Democratic leader will step down in 14 days and faces the possibility of criminal charges for investigations into the harassment of 11 women who worked with him.

The governor has been in New York for three terms and his resignation was announced as the Legislative Assembly struggled to remove him through an impeachment process.. If he had been removed from office, he would not have been able to participate in future elections..

Andrew Cuomo, resigned as governor of New York. Photo: Courtesy.

"I love New York and I love you. Everything I've done has been motivated by love. I believe that, Given the circumstances, the best way i can help now is, If I step aside and let the government go back to being government. And that's what I'll do ", so expressed it.

Cuomo's resignation came after the New York attorney general released the results of an investigation that questioned the conduct of the official who sexually harassed several women, touching them inappropriately, with suggestive comments about their appearance and sex life, plus unwanted kisses.