Police involved in groups of gunmen in El Salvador

For Recinos Kriscia

Not always the motto of the police is to protect and serve. In El Salvador, one of the most violent countries in Central America, 11 policemen were arrested on Monday for being involved with a group of hitmen attributed, at least 47 extrajudicial killings of gang members.

Among those detained by the Salvadoran authorities, They are also three internal criminal and 11 civilians. According to the official investigation, this group was engaged in killing people on behalf of other gang members in the east of the country.

According to information from the Salvadoran police, this group simulated police operations, house searches and even break-ins, to enter the homes of their victims. After depriving them of freedom, They executed them with guns or knives in places close to homes.

Some of these multiple murders were reported situations “settling of scores” between groups gang, by Salvadoran authorities.

This group, He would have killed 38 gang, 33 people who associate with gangs and other 14 civilians and officials said people, Juan Antonio Beltran Granados, known as “Virgin”, It was one of those who financed the death squad, by the police Juan José Castillo Arévalo, that is fugitive.

Policemen accused of being part of this band of assassins are: Vidal Antonio Alfaro Flores, known as “The cat”; Mejia Prudencio Serrano, alias “Lencho”; José Dolores Koreas, David Antonio Cruz Chévez, alias “Chebo”; Pedro Antonio Pineda Bonilla, known as “Umo”; Roberto Carlos Sorto Cruz, known as “founded”; Oscar Ovidio González Claros, alias “Taliban”; Roberto Carlos Cortez Wheels, known as “Roditas”; Isaac Chavez Edgar Aparicio, alias “Massif”; Benigno Noé Mejía Castillo and Wilfredo Hernández Serrano Jesus.

The other detainees were identified as: José Romeo Valenzuela, Juan Antonio Beltran Granados “Virgin”; Miguel de Jesus Pineda Flores, known as “Miguel Petra”; Erlin Bernal Noel Maravilla, alias “Primo Erlin”; José Oscar Rodríguez González, alias “Oscar”; Juan José Castillo Arévalo or Alex Pineda, Joel Castillo Isaac Arévalo, alias “The cute” and Victor Manuel Mejia, known as “It has been”.