Podcast. Of re-elections, dictatorships and calls for insurrection

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Late friday night, 03 September 2021, the Constitutional Chamber of El Salvador, issued a resolution that paves the way for Nayib Bukele to seek re-election to a second consecutive term.

The news has had a great impact on Salvadoran society, both for opponents and for those related to the president, And it did not take long since the announcement of the resolution for social networks to be a tinderbox of opinions for and against the statement and what that represents.

In Europe, the news came in those same moments, but already being Saturday morning 4, and in the same way as in El Salvador, opinions started to flow in a big way.

And as always, Mario, Erick and Hector, they met to talk that same night of the day 4 about what was happening in the terroir and give their opinions as Salvadoran citizens, that although far, they do not lose detail of what happens on the other side of the pond.