Digital platforms that solve everyday tasks in times of pandemic

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

With the current pandemic scenario, digital platforms and online commerce have gained strength in Latin America, and they have become an important part of all our activities, among them make a supermarket, buy various products and even maintain our car.

The current reality led corporations to take a step forward in technological processes, one of the companies that has seen an opportunity in the present adversity, is Drum, S.A. in Panama that launched its online store this year, where you can find everything for car maintenance, from tires to multiple services.

This modality not only saves time, making any transaction by means of a click, but also helps to stay safe while respecting social distancing, key to contain the cases of contagion by COVID-19.

"With our technological platform we make the shopping experience of our customers easier. Adhering to the protocols and efforts that both the population and the authorities carry out to keep ourselves safe ", stated Bianca Mendoza, Drum Marketing Supervisor, S.A.

further, The workshops have been prepared to provide certain facilities for this activity to be carried out without major complications..

“Our mobile workshops have the capacity to do a complete maintenance of a vehicle. This helps the car to be repaired without having to leave your home ", assured Bianca Mendoza.

Diagnostics of the battery status can also be done, tire check and a list of recommendations if the car requires it.

"All our workshops respect the biosafety protocols of the Ministry of Health, regarding social distancing, installation of alcoholic gel containers in the waiting rooms and sanitation of the areas every two hours to maintain the health of the environment ", detailed Mendoza.