“planting America” Salvadoran environmentalist Felix Latzo, Nobel Prize nominee 2020, It is an alternative to reverse climate change

Felix Latzo, Salvadoran environmentalist nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2020. photo VD: By Dinorah Hernandez.
By Dinorah Hernandez

The Angels, California. As part of a tour that started in the Conference on Climate Change United Nations in New York, Salvadoran environmentalist Felix Latzo, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2020, He unveiled the Method of Environmental Education “planting America” in a lecture in Los Angeles, California.

Arborización method of Latzo is that children third grade and up, They planted a tree and keep a log of growth, photographed both, which will allow children to awaken an interest in the environment and learning how to keep.

For environmentalist, the environmental problem is a crisis of values ​​that must be addressed and what better, I do from an early age in schools in the world.

The method “planting America” It has been translated into languages ​​like Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, German, chino, English and Spanish. Latzo warned that northern European countries have been the best idea receptors, and where already studying nature thanks to the commendable work of the Salvadoran environmentalist.

Voice of Diaspora questioned Latzo at the press conference on environmental pollution in El Salvador and the work that the new government can do about it. “I have great faith in the new president, as an ecologist I do not intend to return to the Stone Age if not we see solutions”, He said nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

As for the excessive use of plastic products or plastic bags, Latzo said that for the moment there is no bill to prohibit excessive use of these, but already at work “and how important is recycling ". He said he makes trips to the United States to see the mechanism used in large cities.

photo VD: Dinorah Hernandez.