Pilot plan for Covid-19 tracking app in Spain

By Dennis Aguillón

The government of Spain together with the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence have created the Radar Covid application.

This app allows you to boost tracking contacts in Spain, will allow the user to know if they have been close to a positive for coronavirus. Yes, as guaranteed by public authorities, the information is treated anonymously.

Countries like Germany, France, Italy or Switzerland already have tracking applications for coronavirus.

The application allows users to receive updated information on the health status of the people with whom they have dealt.

Although it is already available for Android and iOs system and can be downloaded, in principle its functionality is not entirely correct, they keep working and updating tools to get them started, however it is already collecting data, for this function it is necessary to always keep the Bluetooth on, that picks up the signal of others when they synchronize within two meters during, at least, fifteen minutes.

If a citizen registers a positive in Covid-19, You must notify it in the application so that it alerts those devices with whom you have had a risk contact during the last fourteen days, notifying with a message of the date of exposure to the coronavirus, respecting the privacy of the infected person.

Between 29 June and 20 July pilot tests have been carried out on the island of La Gomera, Canary Islands. There they managed to detect 6,500 contacts, almost twice as much as manually detecting the island.

Finally, Each community will have to independently activate the application in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, in such a way it is expected that it will be available throughout the country the next 15 of September.