11 August, 2022

Pete Buttigieg leads the Democratic primaries in the United States

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

The former mayor of South Bend, a small town in Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, leads the election results of the first public consultation (caucus) of the Democratic Party in the United States.

More of 21 hours after voting ended in the midst of a technical problem in counting electronic votes, the surprise the god Buttigieg, the youngest candidate, to the get the 26.8% of votes.

Buttigieg de 38 years, veteran military intelligence, also, It has a recognized military career, It could become the first president in US history openly gay.

A former mayor, follows closely Bernie Sanders socialist, with the 25.2%. In third place, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, with 20.3% and even fourth place, former Vice President Joe Biden, with 14.7%.

Biden remains at the top of some national surveys.

Iowa is important in the Democratic primary because it has on its territory 41, of the 3.979 delegates who will elect the candidate who will face President Donald Trump in the November election.

Official results were announced 21 hours after vote counting began. According to spokesmen said the party, the delay was due to “incongruities error code in the application that was used for primary.

Although Sanders, Senator by the State of Vermont, It is in second place, He managed to get most of the popular vote. Previous surveys, absolute winner took for former Vice President.