Emergency medical personnel serving in Italy requires protection pandemic

Engelbert Pérez Maldonado, Italy

This Wednesday, in Italy, doctors rejected the masks provided by Italian Civil Protection, considering that do not qualify adequate to protect personnel working during the pandemic, caused by the coronavirus.

But also, the nurses union regretted that to date they are still waiting for the sanitary devices that guarantee job security in the current emergency.

The President of the Medical College, Filippo Anelli called on all the presidents of the regional unions not to distribute the masks received as they are considered unsafe..

The order to stop distribution was also extended to the Ministry of Health to order the manufacturing company, suspend production as long as the parameters required for the protection of hospital personnel in the Italian territory are not adequate.

Anelli claimed to have warned Civil Protection where they received an immediate response arguing that the product was not the same as the one contracted with the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, the nurses union regretted that “a huge failure continues regarding the availability of personal protective devices, not to mention the fact that by increasing the contagion of health operators and citizens there is still no agreement to do, periodically, contagion verification tees, to hospital staff”.

The bulletin of the medical union, also exposes, that even the 28 March were counted 7,763 guild people infected by covid 19 and this number can grow exponentially if they continue to work in the current conditions.

They reminded Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, what to say to be on the side of doctors and health operators in this emergency, means protecting them in the workplace by making everything necessary available to them.

The nurses pointed out, that the available number of beds for intensive care and the number of therapeutic ventilators are insufficient which leaves the staff to make difficult choices that leave serious psychological problems to which attention must be paid.

Without making a clear link with the situation, the union left between seeing that two nurses committed suicide in the country, due to trauma caused by pressure from avalanche of patients, the scarcity of available spaces for care and the lack of sanitary devices.