Dog detects drug in El Salvador and Guatemala roadblock in Ahuachapán

By Yaneth Estrada

Police from the Narcotics Division (AND) which maintained a roadside checkpoint outside the head of Ahuachapán, today arrested the occupants of a particular vehicle-a Salvadoran and guatemalteco- after discovering them, with the help of a dog, a total of 15 packages of marijuana.

Detainees are Marvin Alexander Andres Amaya (26) and Luis Enrique Sánchez Álvarez (18), originating in Guatemala, who were aboard a car, plates of the neighboring nation, when they were intercepted by the authorities they kept the supervisory position at the height of kilometer 124 the road that leads to the border Ahuachapán The Chinamas, in place known as La Pedrera.

A recording performing automotive, Can Monzón gave the alert to the smell the odor of illegal at the rear of the vehicle where the grass was hidden, which at the I Give you the respective field test a positive result was obtained marijuana.

The drugs seized has a weight of 23 pounds approximately, with an economic value $12,061.20.

Detainees will be made to the order of the relevant entities for the crime of illicit trafficking, according to Art. 33 Regulatory Activities Act on drugs.

At 2019, DAN counted seizure 1,136.21 kilograms of different types of drugs, worth $31,852,387.34, and stopping 2,746 people for different crimes related to drugs.