Salvadoran journalist presents book in United States “Slviyaorkers”

Carmen Molina Tamacas, Salvadoran journalist recently presented his book “Slviyaorkers”, in discloses a data collection, source documents, photographs and stories of Salvadorans who settled in the State of New York, in United States.

Molina's book Tamacas, product of five years of research, It contains interviews and field work. further, gathers valuable information that will be important for future research on the development of one of the largest communities of Latinos in the US: Salvadoran.

In this text, The author also covers the history of Latino migration in New York, the impact of migration policies; and especially customs that Salvadoran immigrants- They have preserved. One of the most outstanding is the devotion to Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, martyred bishop, named a saint by the Catholic Church in 2018.

The author, Also it included in his work, unpublished photographs of artistic achievements and portraits of some prominent Salvadorans in the Big Apple. The photograph on the cover of the book, El Salvador presents Gerónima Campos, who he emigrated to New York to meet with their children to 86 years.

In the image, grandchild taken by Campos, the woman looks at the observatory of one of the Twin Towers, who fell in the terrorist attacks of September 2011. The photograph was taken two days before the attacks, Campos had just arrived when the United States.

Carmen Molina Tamaca, author of the book “Slviyaorkers”. Photo Maximilian Long

“The process for choosing the title was very interesting. At first, My project was called Forty years of Salvadoran immigration in New York, but the line eventually expanded as documents found more Salvadoran families who arrived does exactly 90 years”, Molina said Tamacas.

And continues: “Then, the name changed to Salvadorians by birth, Yorkers by adoption, but when I began to relate to the younger Salvadorans, children or grandchildren of immigrants, I realized that there is a movement search for the roots and cultural identity in social networks”.

Synopsis of the book

The book is divided into three parts. The first, It is a journalistic essay contextualizes historical immigration in New York, the development of the Hispanic community in New York to land on the arrival and expansion of Salvadorans, especially suburban (Long Island).

The second part, It is a showcase of short biographies of prominent Salvadoran art (literature, who, theater, music), academia, medicine and their contributions and initiatives engendered both in NYC (New York City) as in Long Island.

And the third part, is a time line spanning ninety years, from the arrival of an Italian-Salvadoran family in 1929 a Brooklyn, personal stories through the years 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and will explain how their particular circumstances were immigration. And closes with stories of an undocumented family in Trump was, where one of its members came in January 2019 after joining a caravan.

“Slviyaorkers” It is on sale at Amazon, in the United States and also, last week was included in the inventory of the library of New York, because the value of the information contained therein.