1 October, 2022

Salvadoran journalist wins two Emmys

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Jackeline Quijano, the talented Salvadoran journalist, Saturday won two Emmy awards for which she was nominated a month ago.

The "Emmy Award" recognized television productions broadcast in the United States, including news, entertainment, documentaries and sports.

Jackeline participated in this edition 2019 with "Historias que contar", Univision Washington a draft showing the testimony of his companions and his arrival in the US.

"Some washed dishes and other incursions in areas where they never thought, such as teaching for special children. They are stories of journalists who report on situations today that they lived in the past ", recounts the winner.

The second production which won a series of reports entitled: "Sister cities - Washington D.C. and San Salvador ", who worked alongside Rafael Sanchez Cruz, American origin with Mexican roots, whom he has called "the Salvadoran honorable" for the passion he put on every piece of journalism.

Voice of Diaspora congratulates Jackeline Quijano, our director of the International Training Center, and a member of our Journalists Association of Salvadoran Diaspora. Jacky is a pride for our profession and for our country, The Savior.