To board a cruise you will have to present international travel insurance

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For Recinos Kriscia

Royal Caribbean announced its new requirements and the benefits that people who have received the coronavirus vaccine will have.

The Royal Caribbean International Cruise Company, who resumed his activities at the weekend, require people who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 to present travel insurance that covers their international medical expenses.

The ship's crew will have to be immunized and follow the recommendations of the CDC (in English, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The company's decision was due to the fact that Florida authorities prohibited the requirement of vaccination tests from users, but nevertheless, The company decided that each non-immunized passenger should have insurance with medical coverage superior to the 25 thousand dollars and more than 50 thousand dollars for extraordinary expenses in the trip.

Royal Caribbean's new requirement will be effective as of 1 August and will run until 31 December this year, non-immunized passengers will be required to wear masks in common spaces, they will also face restrictions to access certain shows and restaurants.

"Travel parties with vaccinated and unvaccinated guests, as parents with children, they should stick to the places marked as unvaccinated when together ".

Immunized passengers will have a SeaPass card with which they can circulate throughout the ship without problems. Company standards will change as recommended by the federal government.