Pope Francis calls for "vaccines for all"

"May Christmas be an opportunity for everyone to rediscover the family as the cradle of life and faith; a place of love that welcomes, dialogue, sorry, solidarity and shared joy, source of peace for all ". Photo: Courtesy of Vatican News.

Maria T. Morales

More than a Christmas wish, Pope Francisco, hierarch of the Catholic Church, demanded to promote collaboration and not competition so that everyone has access to the vaccine against COVID-19.

The call of the Supreme Pontiff also comes at a time when the scientific world remains alert to the discovery of a new strain that is a 70% more contagious than previously discovered.

May your faces move the consciences of people of good will, so that the causes of conflict can be addressed and courageously worked to build a future of peace ". Photo: Courtesy of Vatican News.

"Vaccines for all, especially for the most vulnerable and needy in all regions of the planet ’’, exhorted the Pope moments before imparting the traditional blessing "Urbi et Orbi" (to the city of Rome and the World).

The Supreme Pontiff also considered that the discovery of the vaccine against the pandemic is "a light of hope".

Pope Francis emphasized that all people have access to the vaccine.
Photo: Courtesy of Vatican News.

The call of the hierarch of the Catholic Church joins that of human rights organizations that have already raised their voices considering that rich countries have already made the largest amount of vaccines to the detriment of poor countries.

Oxfam International, warned that of each 10 inhabitants of poor countries only one will be able to have access to the vaccine against COVID-19, while some rich countries have bought vaccines to immunize up to three times their citizens.