11 August, 2022

Vatican might announce beatification of the Salvadoran Rutilio Grande

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Secretary of Communications of the Vatican, JamesMartin published in their social networks, that the Vatican could soon announce the beatification of the Jesuit priest Rutilio Grande, close friend of Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

“A friend told me in Rome that the Vatican will soon announce the beatification of Rutilio Grande, Jesuit priest, martyr and friend of Oscar Romero”, Secretary confirmed.

Shortly after also he circulated a letter to the chancellor of the Catholic Church in El Salvador, Rafael Urrutia, He confirmed the news. But nevertheless, Urrutia also sent another document asking to “ignore” the first letter.

“With great joy I greet pleased to share the announcement that Pope Francis has done noon today in Rome, regarding the approval of the martyrdom of Father Rutilio Grande and his companions, which leads to the upcoming beatification, of the three Venerables”, It is read in the first letter, sent by Urrutia.

In the second document the Catholic chancellor said the news had been confirmed by Jesuit priests in Peru, but that those responsible for the cause of Rutilio Grande, they had not confirmed.

For many priests and people close to the holy Bishop, Oscar Romero, the murder of the Jesuit Rutilio Grande, He marked the religious life of the Salvadoran bishop. The Catholic Church believes was the death Grande, which capsized Romero made the most needy.

“Rutilio's death and two other Salvadorans 1977, It was a moment of conversion for Romero”, He wrote the secretary of the Vatican Communications.

Rutilio Grande was murdered by a commando of soldiers who ambushed the vehicle he was traveling in the Jesuit and two collaborators, Manuel Solorsano, of 72 Nelson Rutilio Lemus years, of 15 years, both they were included in the beatification process that began in the Catholic Church.

Large and the two men who accompanied him, headed the 12 March to celebrate a Mass in the Paisnal, north of San Salvador. The three were gunned down brutally.

This year marks 43 years of crime and speculated that the announcement of the Vatican could be in March, when death is commemorated by the priest.