Panama ends contract to Argentine Américo Gallego as technical director of the national soccer team

Photo courtesy FEPAFUT.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Panamanian Football Federation (FEPAFUT) He confirmed that he is in negotiations to end the contract with Américo “Tolo” Gallego as technical director of the soccer team in the midst of a restructuring that will impact the coaching staff of all the national teams attributed to the crisis caused by the coronavirus that affects the country. Central American.

"The negative impact that this situation is having on the economic aspect in the whole of society is great and FEPAFUT cannot escape this reality", The Federation said in a statement.

In Panama, sports activities have been suspended since March due to the emergence of the coronavirus that led the country to establish a curfew and absolute quarantine to stop the virus outbreak., that has infected 3,574 people, and caused the death of 95.

Following the situation, I affirm that "…the Executive Committee after its extraordinary meeting on Tuesday 14 April of 2020, has approved the termination of all contracts of the technical bodies of their national teams ”.

FEPAFUT said that in the case of senior male team Negotiating the conditions for the termination of the contract with Américo Rubén Gallego and his Technical Staff.

The Argentine Gallego de 64 years he assumed as technical director of the Panamanian soccer team in August 2019 with the goal of taking the Central American country to its second world cup, but analysts questioned the low performance that the Panamanian representation showed while under its direction.

Panama participated in its first World Cup in Russia 2018.

However, the FEPAFUT decision is broader, since in the case of the male youth teams, the feminine and room "will make use of the termination clause of contracts".

The Federation said that after these decisions began a process of restructuring around the teams, and that in the future the Executive Committee decided that a Technical and Development Commission will be in charge of the selection process for the technical bodies of all the teams., without exception.

"This restructuring seeks and will require an ethical and sporting guideline between the different technical bodies so that the generational processes have an ideal continuity", he added.