Panama continues investigations into a group linked to the Gulf Clan cartel

The operations took place in several provinces of Panama, including the Atlantic city of Colón, which is presumed to be the gateway for drugs from Colombia via speedboats.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Panama – Panamanian authorities continue investigations into the network made up of locals and foreigners detained during the anti-narcotics operation "Fisher", for alleged ties to the Gulf Clan cartel, an organization that traffics drugs between Colombia and the United States.

The Public Ministry (MP) said 57 people were arrested for money laundering and conspiracy to commit a crime during the operation that began at the beginning of 2020 after which more than 10 million dollars in cash, vehicles, weapons, boats, and more than a ton of dope.

The operations took place in several provinces, including the Atlantic city of Colón, which is presumed to be the gateway for drugs from Colombia via speedboats.

“The boats arrived at the Costa Arriba of Colón, where they maintained their main collection centers… to later mobilize these illicit shipments to Panama City ”in different means including double-bottomed vehicles and speedboats en route to Central America whose final destination was North America, authorities said.

The MP explained that of the total cash seized 9.9 millions of dollars were hidden in a residence in the province of Colón, in the panamanian atlantic.

"This large sum of money belongs to the dismantled criminal organization that worked with the criminal group known as Clan del Golfo", stated the MP.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Public Security, Juan Pino warned that, facing the new challenges of organized crime and the growing drug trafficking and associated crimes, the approval of the Domain Extinction Law becomes decisive for the country since it would allow "weakening the financial muscle" of criminal groups.

Pino told journalists that before the economic power of organized crime, the aforementioned law becomes crucial to dismantle groups that operate outside the law..

"... it is useless to put ... these people under the orders of the authorities if the financial muscle is not touched because they will continue to commit crimes within prisons if they have that economic power", warned Pino after highlighting that it is the only way to eradicate organized crime gangs. “We have to do it fast because organized crime does not walk, run”, he claimed.