Panama gets ready to face Japan with its sights set on raising the level of its football

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The technical director of the Panama soccer team, Thomas Christiansen hopes that the next meeting between his pupils and Japan will help to know the precise conditions in which the selected channel is, and observe players who play in Europe against a higher level rival.

Panama will face the Japanese on 13 November in Austria taking advantage of the FIFA dates, and manage one more game with a CONCACAF team like the United States.

"I think it will be very good for us to also increase the level of the opposite because Japan like the United States, if it is the United States, It is already a higher level and we are going to see a little more where we really are ", Christiansen assured during a virtual conference from Spain.

He added that the meeting between both teams will also give him the possibility of incorporating more Panamanians who play in Europe., and watch others you haven't seen in action.

Panama comes from facing the Costa Rican team that won in their own territory in the first two friendly matches that allowed Christiansen to debut with victory as technical director of the canal team.

“Of course it was nice to win two games against Costa Rica but we have to be aware that it is a beginning that there is a very long road ahead., that we are going to find better teams than us, that they are going to make things difficult, that we are going to lose games ", said the technician of Danish and Spanish origin.

He explained that despite the victory against the Ticos, you should not lower your guard, especially before the possibility that expectations can be generated above reality. "We must keep our feet on the ground", He said.

Thomas Christiansen is located in Spain, where he makes a tour prior to the meeting between Panama and Japan to meet with Panamanians in teams from that country, and know your environment.

Panama prepares for the next qualifying rounds for the Qatar World Cup 2022.