Panama again restricts the mobilization of people due to an increase in cases of coronavirus

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Ministry of Health of Panama announced on Saturday that it will again lift restrictions on the mobilization of people by gender, ID and passport for foreigners in two of the provinces with the highest incidence of coronavirus infections.

The government was forced to resume the restrictions after evaluating the report of an increase in positive cases registered in recent days., and non-compliance with preventive measures such as social distancing and the use of masks, affirmed the national director of Health, Nadja Porcell, in a short television message.

"That is why the Ministry of Health (MINSA) communicates that starting this Monday 8 June, the mobility restriction measure will be returned according to schedules according to sex and ID number in the provinces of Panama and Panama West ”, Porcell said.

Panama, It is the country with the highest incidence of coronavirus infections in Central America, on Saturday accumulated 16,004 cases across the country after adding in the last 24 hours 541 new cases, Y 16 deaths rising to 386 the total deaths.

Porcell pointed out that “Panama still has an opportunity to win the battle against COVID-19, since the health system has not collapsed… ”

But nevertheless, warned that if the behavior observed during this week continued, which resulted in an increase in the number of cases. "The availability of essential resources for the care of the population could be exhausted, such as beds and fans… ”.

The increase in contagions accelerated after the opening of block two of the economy in the past 1 June which includes non-metallic mining and the construction of public projects, at that time the country went from a total quarantine to a night curfew.

The authorities clarified that companies that have received authorization to operate will be able to continue with the opening process despite restrictions on mobilization..

Last 3 of June, the infectologist and adviser to MINSA, Rodrigo De Antonio warned that although the effective reproduction number (RT) nationwide the virus was maintained in the order of 1, there were areas showing a daily increase in positive cases more than expected.

At that time the doubling time of cases was 18 days.
According to the MINSA epidemiological report, 6 June there was 5,095 positive people to coronavirus in home isolation and hotels, and hospitalized 405, of which 82 remain in intensive care.
The clinical recoveries went up to 10,118.