Panama records new daily record of coronavirus infections with 1,166 cases, while the deceased go up to 747

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Panama accumulated on Sunday 5 of July, 38,149 coronavirus infections across the country with a new daily record of 1,166 new cases, the deceased went up to 747 after the death of 27 people in the past 24 hours, affirmed the Ministry of Health.

According to the official report, 18,420 people are in home isolation and hotels, while the hospitalized added 996, of which 843 they are in the room, Y 153 in intensive care. Panama accounted for 17,986 recovered patients.

The health authority said that of the 3,635 new tests performed on 32% were positive with a higher incidence in the provinces of Panama and Panama Oeste.

Panama has made a total of 144,918 tests across the country since the first case of coronavirus infection was made public last year 9 of March.

The Central American nation with the highest number of positive cases in Central America reported a fatality of 1.96% below the global average of 4.70%, According to the official report.

Panama has faced a sustained daily increase in infections since mid-May, going from an average of 200 per day in the first two months of the health crisis to exceed a thousand cases on several occasions, what has the health infrastructure at critical levels, especially in the capital and surroundings.

The Minister of Health, Luís Sucre said that in the face of this scenario, COVID-19 control and traceability centers have been established, whose goal is to follow up on the plans established in each region, as well as cut transmission in areas with more cases, and strengthen surveillance controls.

The strategy also includes the adaptation of several facilities to add more beds to the health system, in such a way that they can offer medical care to more patients in the face of the increasing number of infections, which has put a stop to the reopening of the economy.