Panama reactivates international flights with services to 20 countries

Photo: Courtesy Tocumen International Airport.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Panama resumed international flights from the "Hub of the Americas" that operates at the Tocumen International Airport with scheduled itineraries to and from 20 Center countries, South and North America, Caribbean, and europe, after seven months of standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Hub” of Panama is one of the most important hubs in Latin America, at 2019 from Tocumen the 25 airlines with established routes moved 16.5 million passengers.

The general manager of Tocumen, Raffoul Arab said that restarting air activity within the "new normal" is a great challenge for Panama, which needs to maintain control of infections, while reactivating the airline industry, one of the most affected by the health crisis that led to the suspension of flights, and generated a crisis in the airlines.

Photo: Courtesy Tocumen International Airport.

Arab stated that the reactivation of international flights will begin gradually, and from the 12 October routes to more than 35 destinations in America and Europe, enabling fast connectivity, safe and direct from travelers.

"The impact of the crisis, caused by the pandemic, has hit the airport and tourism ecosystem hard, However, the start of the flights is a good indicator that marks the way for the great beginning of a gradual recovery of the aeronautical industry, the country's economy and restoring public confidence in air travel ”, highlighted Arab.

Raffoul Arab |, general manager of Tocumen, S.A. Photo: Courtesy Tocumen International Airport.

He added that air terminals have prepared in advance to apply strict disinfection procedures., hygiene and biosecurity, for the purpose of ensuring the successful return of business activities, minimizing risks for the country.

Panama has suspended international flights since last March as a result of the pandemic that left until Monday 12 October a cumulative total of 120,802 coronavirus infections, of which 2,502 they are deceased, according to the Ministry of Health.

President Laurentino Cortizo said during the flight reopening ceremony that air transport is an essential service, and a link in the chain of activities that moves the Panamanian economy, and makes Panama among the best connected countries in the world.

Photo: Courtesy Tocumen International Airport.

Hence, they have invested heavily to ensure that the terminals are secure., applying all biosanitary protocols, In Tocumen it will also operate a center for the application of tests to detect COVID-19 at a cost of $50 Dollars.

Photo: Courtesy Tocumen International Airport.

Panama established as a requirement that passengers entering the country must present a test certificate of swab / PCR with a maximum of 48 hours, otherwise you will have to take the test at the airport before your immigration registration.

Photo: Courtesy Tocumen International Airport.