Panama will produce biofuel for aviation and will be the largest center in the world

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Panama and the company SGP BioEnergy advance in the development of a biofuel production and distribution center for aviation under the name of Ciudad Dorada Biorefinery, which will have facilities in Colón and Balboa, at both ends of the interoceanic canal.

Biorefinery and sustainable aviation fuel production platform (SAF) will have the capacity to produce 180,000 barrels per day or 2,600 million gallons per year, according to the business group that describes it as the largest center in the world.

The installation “will not only generate cleaner fuels in the short term, Photo: Courtesy.

The CEO of SGP BioEnergy, Randy Delbert LeTang said that it is an important initiative for the region since transportation represents a 27% of greenhouse gas emissions, and the only way to decarbonize multiple sectors such as aviation is to promote the use of less polluting fuels.

The installation “will not only generate cleaner fuels in the short term, but its construction in a key world trade location that serves more than 1,000 ports (Y) will catalyze industry in the long term by immediately offering biofuels at a lower cost, reduce waste and revolutionize the agricultural economy”, said the executive.

Airlines have committed to using biofuels for one million flights and thus reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 70%. This big change comes from the global push for decarbonization, including regulatory initiatives and major corporate commitments. Photo: Courtesy.

The project will adapt the existing facilities that process and store the 70% of bunker or boiler fuel in the country, to refine and store biofuels derived from pure vegetable oils grown for energy use, along with waste fats and oils.

This will immediately reduce the plant's carbon output by one 80%, revolutionize the region's economy and generate more than 1,000 Job positions.

Panamanian President, Laurentino Cortizo explained that the plant will help Latin America and the world towards the energy transition and will contribute to innovation to face climate change given the unique geographical position of Panama, its logistics platform and the special economic zones that make it the perfect place for a facility like that.

The plant will operate under the patented technology of the Danish company Topsoe that is used in more than a dozen installations around the world., which represent a capacity of more than 650,000 barrels of renewable fuels per day, added the company.