Panama will maintain its leadership as the first economy in the region in this 2022

Only in the first nine months of 2021 Panama's economic growth stood at almost 15%, figure that represents more than double the growth of the region.

Miraculously Vallecillos

Panama – This year, the growth percentage of the Panamanian economy will not be less than 5%, It is estimated that the level of production that economic activities generated in 2019 will recover and the country will continue to stand out in the region economically, This was announced today by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Hector Alexander, in the National Assembly of Deputies.

“We are very confident that in the coming years we will continue with the leadership with the highest growth in the region, as we have had it more than 20 years. We are very optimistic about what will happen in the year 2022 ", highlighted the Minister when attending the presentation of the report to the nation, by the president, laurentino Cortizo, in the Assembly.

Added, as a sign of the positive behavior of the economy, that only in the first nine months of 2021 growth was almost 15%, figure that represents more than double the growth of the region.

"We estimated that the level of production for the year 2019 we would get it back in the year 2023, but it will probably be this 2022 and that is very good news ", he pointed.

The head of the Economy and Finance portfolio indicated that the activities that will boost the economy this year are those that already show signs of recovery, among which the construction sector stands out., mining, the exports, wholesale and retail trade, the operation of the Canal and its related activities and the port system in general.

He stated that as a strategy it is expected to give the construction sector the greatest vitality and recovery strength this year and the next. Likewise, there is a budget strategy with respect to the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) and a series of works that will be developed through the public-private alliance.

further, He added that there is good expectation regarding the recovery of the tourism sector. "Tourism in the coming years will undoubtedly be one of the growth engines of our country", he said.

Similarly, The Minister highlighted the countercyclical policy that was applied since the beginning of the crisis period due to the pandemic and the important turn that public finances are beginning to take towards a more sustainable route, which will allow a reduction between 65% Y 70% of the debt- Schedule (Gross domestic product).