Panama began application of the fourth dose of the vaccine against COVID-19

Photo: Courtesy Ministry of Health of Panama

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Immunosuppressed patients from 12 years can receive from Monday the fourth dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 in Panama, while it will be optional for people over 50 years, informed the Minister of Health, Luis Sucre.

“The application of this second booster dose or fourth dose will be optional for the entire population over 50 years, mainly in those with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, among other”, Sucre assured in a statement.

The minister said that the boosters of the COVID-19 vaccine are intended for the population most vulnerable to the coronavirus, such as those with chronic diseases, or the immunosuppressed who may receive the fourth dose (second booster), four months after applying the third.

Currently the country has provided some 8 million doses of vaccines to the population from five years of age, what according to the authorities, has allowed to keep the lethality below the world average.

Panama accumulates around 772 thousand infections by coronavirus, Y 8,182 COVID-19 deaths.