Panama calls for dialogue and reflection to solve crisis in Nicaragua

Photo: MIRE Panama.
By Elida Moreno

The Panamanian government called for dialogue Nicaraguans as a mechanism to solve the crisis in the Central American country that has left hundreds dead, following the upsurge of violence after several attacks on non-governmental organizations and the media.

"Panama calls for reflection and dialogue as a solution to the crisis and stricter adherence to human rights and freedom of expression", said Foreign Ministry said in a statement after police raided in Managua in recent days the offices of journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, one of the fiercest critics of the administration of Daniel Ortega.

Before the Nicaraguan government disqualified about a dozen non-governmental organizations, as part of the latest measures against detractors.

Chamorro, It is one of the most respected and credible journalists in the country, whose criticism of the government have permeated throughout society.

Businessman 63 years is the son of Nicaraguan expresidenta, Violeta Chamorro and fellow journalist, and businessman Pedro Joaquin Chamorro, an outspoken opponent of the dictatorship of the late Anastasio Somoza.

"The measures taken are contrary to repeated calls that the international community has made, and are detrimental to the efforts of the Working Group of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS)”, Panama said.

The Panamanian government is part of that group reiterated its call "... to find a peaceful and constitutional solution to the crisis facing Nicaragua".

The international community has insisted that the measures taken by the government against opponents Ortega, especially media, expression violates freedom in the Americas.

Nicaragua has one of the worst political crises and violence unleashed in recent decades in April when thousands of citizens, including university students and workers took to the streets to demand the resignation of Vice President Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

Weekend, dozens of refugees Nicaraguans in Costa Rica, They protested against the measures of the Ortega administration.