Panama now elects its new rulers

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

After installation 7,027 tables located in 2,798 polling stations across the country, the voting process began at 7 of Sunday morning 5 of May. This process will continue until the 4 pm.

According to statistics from the Electoral Tribunal of Panama, participation is expected 2,757,823 Panamanians are entitled to elect officials who will govern the country in the next 5 years.

Election day will be chosen 861 Main candidates for elected office in 39 polling stations: 1 President, 71 MPs, 81 mayors, 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament, 679 corregimiento representatives and 9 councilors with their alternates.

Panama today will choose the president of the Republic number 51, in a general election marked by the struggle between partisanship and independent candidates for independent candidacies.

At 2 in the afternoon the National Canvassing Board will be installed, agency that will be responsible for counting the minutes to proclaim the President and Vice President. Simultaneously boards scrutiny work for other elected offices, in each jurisdiction.

At 4:00 p.m. will close polling stations across the country, and half an hour later the "Unofficial Results Transmission" will start (TUE). It is expected that between 6 pm and 7 of the night, through this system will define who will be the president or president-elect.

In these elections, "Panama 2019" involved 212 international observers 25 countries of America, Europe and Africa, 62 de la XXIII, 500 local observers, including the Catholic Church, Evangelical Alliance, of the Ombudsman and over 800 electoral delegates deployed throughout the country.

The dispute reached the presidential chair

Seven candidates are vying for the presidential chair in a process marked by new electoral rules, restrictions on private financing and a short election campaign.

On the one hand, the Democratic Revolutionary Party (FART), the alliance “Joining forces” by the Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement (uprising), Laurentino Cortizo tries, return to power.

Meanwhile Rómulo Roux of Democratic Change (CD) and the Alliance Party, Coalition “The Good Return”, It seeks to come to power and leave behind allegations of wrongdoing in public administration allegedly committed by some of his fellow party.

Meanwhile, Jose Blandon, Panameñista ruling party candidate, backed by the Popular Party (PP) the alliance “Panama can”, He has tried to remain aloof from the management of current President Juan Carlos Varela.

For the Broad Front for Democracy (FAD), It would be his second participation as a political party in a general election. The FAD searches this opportunity to reach the presidency with its candidate and labor leader Saul Mendez.

But these elections 2019, have been coated force independent proposals, and although for the second time the participation of presidential candidates is allowed for free nomination in Panama, in this election the presence of these has been very prominent, to the extent that it is considered that any independent could have a good chance to succeed on the road to the Palace of the Herons.

In the main Matilde Gómez, of the movement “A Different Panama”, with experience as Attorney's Office and deputy, seeks to become the second woman to lead the country.

At the same time, Ricardo Lombana, who leads the payroll “Other Road Panama” and according to some surveys on voting intentions than several of the candidates of political parties, He is convinced that without the structure of a political party could reach the presidency.

As well, Marco Ameglio, payroll “Independent revolution”, who was a member of a political party, Now as an independent candidate, he assures that it is time to take the country down another path.