17 August, 2022

Panama decreases to 10 days the quarantine for infected by Covid-19

New arrangement decreases the insulation of 40 to ten days for people with positive results to Covid-19. Photo: Courtesy Minsa.
Miraculously Vallecillos

Panama – The health authorities of the canal country issued a new resolution in which it decreases to 10 days of isolation in case of testing positive for Covid-19. To date it was 14 days.

The new provision also establishes five days of quarantine for people who have had close contact with a patient with coronavirus.. If symptoms occur, a rapid antigen test will be applied. From the fifth day it will be repeated, and if it is negative, it will come out of quarantine.

The new provision also establishes ten days of isolation in case of testing positive for Covid-19. Photo: Courtesy Minsa.

The measure was announced Tuesday by the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health (minsa).

This Tuesday, the Minsa also confirmed 26 Omicron variant cases, and others 46 suspicious cases being analyzed by the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies.

Given the warning from the Panamanian scientific community that the country has entered a fourth wave of Covid-19, the population has come en masse to apply the booster dose, then it was reduced from 6 a 3 months the time to put it on.