Panama bets on new varieties to innovate specialty coffee

Photo: Courtesy Association of Specialty Coffee of Panama (SCAP).
By Elida Moreno

Standing out for its intense fruit flavors and its imposing fragrance, the Maragogype coffee variety will be one of the innovations of “Best of Panama 2020” that will take place on 16 of September, and that welcomes the best Panamanian grains. The event is organized by the Association of Specialty Coffee of Panama (SCAP for its acronym in English).

The Maragogype variety has the largest grain among the Arabica coffees that exist in Panama and the trees were detected scattered in the Don Benji farm, located in Bajo Mono, Blowjob.

After acquiring the farm Stefan Müller and Benjamín de Dianous decided to harvest them separately.

At the XXIV International Tasting The Best of Panama, the Maragogype coffee variety obtained third place in the category of natural traditional beans, And with that profile, it is expected that it will be well received in the online auction in which buyers from different parts of the world will participate..

“Don Benjie Maragogype Natural Lote Bella Vista, it was an innovation that caught the attention of international judges and resulted in a winning coffee”, said Plinio Ruiz, president of SCAP.

In 2020 despite the challenges facing the coffee industry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a total of 50 lots of specialty coffee will participate in “Best of Panamá (BOP)”, selected after obtaining the highest scores in the International Virtual Tasting held last August by the SCAP organization.

A sample set of 20 lots of Natural and Processed Geisha coffee, 16 lots of Washed Geisha Coffees, 7 lots of Traditional Natural coffees, 2 lots of Traditional Washes and 5 lots of coffees of the Pacamara variety, will be in the auction.

International buyers mostly from Asian countries like Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, as well as the United States, Australia, France and England are interested in acquiring special grain from Panama, as explained by Plinio Ruiz.

Panama is famous for the quality of its specialty high altitude coffee bean grown in the highlands of the Chiriquí province., setting record prices in the last two decades when the Geisha variety became among the most famous and sought-after beans in the world.

In 2019 the Elida Estate Coffee variety from the Lamastus Family, produced in the mountains of Boquete set a world record after selling the pound to 1,029 dollars of the lot that was auctioned electronically.

Video: Courtesy Association of Specialty Coffee of Panama (SCAP).