Rich countries bought more than half of COVID-19 vaccines

Organizations that watch over human rights raised the alarm a few hours after the United States, following the UK, approve the vaccine application.

By Maria T. Morales

The COVID pandemic vaccine -19 has staged and marked once more, the difference between rich and poor countries.

It would be billions of people in poor countries who would be left without access to the vaccine at the speed with which rich countries obtained more than half of the doses offered by the medicine industry and health science, Oxfam International warned.

For example, United Kingdom, who has bought and started the vaccination, has to immunize up to three times its population.

Canada follows, country that acquired a sufficient quantity of doses that would be sufficient to immunize each of its inhabitants up to five times.

On the other side of the scale, in the 67 poorest countries in the world, just one of each 10 residents expect to receive the vaccine at the end of 2021, add the report.

Amnesty International joined the claim and called to guarantee the right and fair access to the vaccine.

Likewise, Michelle bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, noted that vaccines alone cannot solve the pandemic, or heal the damage they have caused.

“States not only have to distribute these vaccines equitably around the world, they also have to rebuild the economy, repair the damage caused by the pandemic and address the gaps it has exposed ".

The People’s Vaccine organization called Pfizer, Modern, BioNtech Group y AstraZeneca, main industries creating the vaccine against COVID-19, to "share your science and technology".

The claim for the right to the vaccine against the pandemic comes just at the time when the International Day of Human Rights is commemorated.