3 February, 2023

Parents must put a stop to the insults of children as soon as possible

According to a study conducted in England, the 86% of parents agree that children of 2 a 12 years swear more today than when they themselves were children. (Illustrative photo/ file/ courtesy)

By Margarita Mendoza Burgos

Health – Insults are learned elements, the same as the heat, caliche, vulgarisms or idiomatic expressions. Some children say them simply as an outlet, especially if they are restless, anxious and/or just spoiled and rude. Others resort to insults as a way to defend themselves against an adult whom they consider to be disregarding their rights or abusive.

Influences also have a lot to do. Many children tend to copy words from other people they admire., How can a father or an older brother be. And it is increasingly common for them to adopt bad words used by fashionable youtubers. Sometimes, even, without knowing its real meaning.

Illustrative photo/ file/ courtesy

It is important to lead by example. It is useless for an adult to correct the minor and explain how they should behave, if then his way of acting contradicts those indications. If the elder uses insults habitually against other people or towards the child himself, it will be inevitable that the little one imitates his manners and forms.

On this issue, it is important that parents do not take a repressive role. Children should be allowed to communicate their displeasure, but in a more rational and less rude way, depending on their ages.

It is good that they know that their message loses force when done together with these rude and rude expressions. That is why it is important not to celebrate or laugh when, albeit in a cute way, a minor uses inappropriate expressions.

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In that sense, there are children who just need the right learning, which is relatively easy to fix. But there are others who find it difficult to control their impulses. In these cases, they should be evaluated to see if they do not have any other behavioral and/or learning problem to treat them globally.. This is interdisciplinary and intersocially: home, school and society.

According to a study conducted in England, the 86% of parents agree that children of 2 a 12 years swear more today than when they themselves were children. further, That same investigation reveals that the 54% of parents say their child has cursed in front of them, although the 20% does not believe that the child has understood the meaning of the word.

As parents, it is necessary to put brakes on these impulsiveness problems; and as soon as possible, best. This may have other early manifestations, how to cry and not be satisfied with anything, especially when they are newborns and cry non-stop.

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you can alsofindto be observed in niñthose who do not overcome stages of frustration during development, like falling when taking first steps and instead of getting up and continuing, crying inconsolably as a sign of impotence. That is why it is essential to learn to manage frustration in good ways..

It is important to check that everything is ok: feeding, diaper change and hygiene, sleep cycles when they are newborns. If since then they already show signs of getting frustrated easily, it is necessary to go to the pediatrician for evaluations. This professional will also be the one who keeps track of their gradual development and whether they are adequate or not.