2 December, 2022

Organizations and unions speak out in front of the CSJ for the Exception Regime

Organizations speak out against the extension of the Exception Regime. photo VD.

By Milagro Orellana

The Savior-Members of social organizations and unions agglutinated in the "National Alliance El Salvador in Peace 15 September 2021”, spoke before the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) to express their discontent and disapproval of the new decree, issued last Tuesday by the Legislative Assembly, where it is extended for the fourth consecutive month the “with checkpoints in the streets”.

The leaders disapprove of the actions of the Nuevas Ideas deputies who once again violate the Constitution of the Republic, they expressed.

video CEO.

In the activity they gave reactions on the names of officials linked to corruption cases included in the Engel List by the United States and launched the legal aid project to help innocent victims who do not belong to gangs.

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Relatives of innocent prisoners spoke out against abuses committed during the Exception Regime. Sonia Claribel Miranda Romero and Nahomy Almendares exposed the cases of capture of their relatives.

video CEO.
video CEO.

Last Wednesday, different organizations sent a correspondence to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in which they set out in detail the arbitrary detentions and human rights violations that occurred within the framework of the Exception Regime..