Organizations speak out on the disappearance of soccer player Jimena Ramírez.

Photo the Twitter: @_veronicablanco

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Football players, Alert Raquel platforms, We are all Flor and Las Mélidas, spoke before the disappearance of the soccer player Jimena Ramírez. Calling on the authorities and civil society to investigate the case to find Jimena, who has been missing since the 24 October.

Jimena was last seen at 8 of the night in the Quezaltepec neighborhood in Santa Tecla after playing a soccer game.

“Soccer players also disappear. We emphasize that it is not the clothes we wear, it's not the time, not the place, it's because we are women, It is the insecurity and violence that we live in the country” expressed in a statement.

Jimena Ramírez is a former player for Alianza Women, of the Female Mars who in social networks requested help to find their partner.

“Jimena, we are waiting for you to continue playing the game of life!” was one of the phrases for Jimena.