7 February, 2023

Italian organizations will once again gather in the squares to ask for an end to the war between Ukraine and Russia

This is the text of the appeal "stop the war: negotiate now!" The United Nations convenes an International Peace Conference

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

ItalyThe Europe for Peace coalition, formed by the main peace networks in Italy with the adhesion of hundreds of organizations, returns to the Italian squares to ask for concrete ways of Peace in the Ukraine and in all the other armed conflicts in the world.

A new common step that takes place after the important mobilization of the past 23 of July (with sixty cities involved) and sending a letter to the UN Secretary General, Guterres, on the occasion of the Day of Peace to support multilateral actions, the only ones capable of bringing a true global democracy, based on the desire for peace of the majority of the communities and peoples.

Europe for peace is a European mobilization promoted for the days of 21 al 23 October to demand an immediate ceasefire and an international peace conference to end the bloody war between Russia and Ukraine.

This is the text of the appeal “stop the war: negotiate now!”
The United Nations convenes an International Peace Conference

“We are all deeply concerned by the military escalation that has brought the armed conflict to the critical threshold of atomic war..

The appointment is for the weekend of 21 al 23 October (eight months after the Russian invasion and on the eve of UN Disarmament Week) again with the invitation to organize various initiatives to relaunch the already widespread appeal of July with the request for an immediate ceasefire so that an international Peace Conference can be reached”.

The one in Milan, like those that will take place in other cities, It is a particularly important appointment as it is a prerequisite for the national manifestation of the 5 November in Rome: for the immediate ceasefire, for the prohibition of all nuclear weapons, in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and with the victims of all wars.

(Taken from https://www.sempionenews.it/cronaca/leuropa-per-la-pace/?cn-reloaded=1 )