Organizations supporting the Salvadoran diaspora in Italy

PHOTO RV / Rosy Figueroa.
The phenomenon of migration of Salvadorans in Italy has been studied in different academic institutions.

By Rosy Figueroa

Italy is the European country that receives the largest number of Salvadoran migrants, according to data released 1 of January of 2017 by the National Statistics Institute (STATE).

The statistics quantify the population of Salvadorans in Italy 18 thousand 707; from them, 10 thousand 840 residing in Lombardy and 7 thousand 867 in Milan. Because, the migration of the Central American country is a study for different NGOs, universities and private studies in Italy, especially since the migratory phenomenon intensified in recent 10 years.

Soleterre Onus is an organization that ensures the right to health and a decade ago working with the Salvadoran diaspora in Italy, and connects with El Salvador thanks to funding from the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS), Initiatives partners and Multi Ethnic Studies Foundation (His name) and the Independent Monitoring Group of El Salvador (GMIES).

Wednesday such organizations conducted a discussion with various associations of civil society, Consulate of El Salvador and Salvadoran migrants to tell their personal experience.

Social projects that these organizations launch in El Salvador mainly benefit families in the departments of Chalatenango and La Paz; but also support migrants in Lombardy, providing essential tools for adaptation in Italy is less complicated for immigrants. further, help Salvadorans in the process of returning to their country, whether they do so voluntarily or forced by illegal immigration situation in Italy.

sociologists, psychological and scholars on migration conclude that El Salvador is experiencing a period of “social alarm”, where it is no longer an option to migrate, but rather an obligation, because different social problems, politicians who get in the country. Studies show a rise in the petition for political asylum, despite all they fail to approve the commission and succeed in demands.