The governor of Tamaulipas is ordered to arrest and freeze bank accounts

Photo: Twitter @CongresoTam.

By Maria T. Morales

The Mexican prosecutor's office froze the bank accounts of Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, governor of Tamaulipas, who faces an arrest warrant for the crimes of money laundering and organized crime, reported official authorities.

The investigation, According to the authorities, it will also lead to a determination of whether the official and his allies financed their electoral campaigns illegally., stated an official of the Financial Crimes Unit.

Photo: Twitter @CongresoTam.

Cow's head, Through his social networks he described the arrest warrant as a political persecution while, The Congress of the city of Tamaulipas will denounce the officials who ordered the arrest of the official on the grounds that the right to the presumption of innocence has been violated.

Photo: Twitter @CongresoTam.

While, Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador said the United States has requested information about Cabeza de Vaca and several members of his family, allegedly accused of crimes related to money laundering.

After knowing the arrest warrant, members of the National Action Party (PAN), to which the suspect belongs, described the action as political persecution and pointed to López Obrador as the main promoter of the arrest.