11 August, 2022

Opinion Salvadorans divided the country's political landscape

photo VD: Giovanni Rojas.
Por Giovanni Rojas

He has spent more than a week of the militarization of the Legislative Assembly and the speech of Salvadoran President Najib Bukele, in which he called for insurrection.

Some political analysts say the words of Bukele continue to sow hatred and disunity in the country, because they are not concertadoras.

The political landscape of El Salvador generated diverse opinions at national and international level. Voice of Diaspora consulted Salvadorans in the streets of San Salvador on the latest political developments, occurred in the country and these were the results:

“No es bueno lo que está pasando, pero el salvadoreño está acostumbrado a que todo lo hacemos a la fuerza”.

"We return to the 80 where the war began; making churches, colleges, everything in general and today we are taking the Assembly ".

photo VD: Giovani Rojas.

The views of Salvadorans who daily face insecurity, son diversas.

While some believe that "there was not the people, but employees, your safety, armed force "or that the actions of the president were wrong", otros son de la idea que “está bien lo que está haciendo, y que él (n watch) it's good".

further, another ensures group being tired “of business as usual”. For others, the recent acts of protest outside the Legislative Precinct can be counterproductive but are controlled and if there are excesses, because it can cause people to react violently.

Los más analíticos consideran que es necesaria una reforma constitucional, to order some aspects inside the Assembly and the Executive, para dejar atrás la “supra constitucionalidad” que mantiene sometida a la clase pobre, de ahí que son de la opinión que es urgente refundar el Estado, pero con la participación del pueblo.

“Politicians have kept us in the status quo, making believe that violence is common and normal class poor, because they have not suffered the”.

According to security expert and criminology, Ricardo Sosa, of the 01 January to date has achieved a reduction in the 57% homicidal violence, compared with the same period in 2019.

But nevertheless, other politicians and former officials public actors, Miguel Fortin Magana, say the way homicides reported in the country, is different, hence the figures have improved.