26 January, 2023

UN needs $1,720 million for care of Venezuelan migrants and refugees in 2023

Venezuelan migrants waiting to receive humanitarian aid in shelters in Panama (OIM Photos Gema Cortes.) .

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

World – The United Nations Organization (HIM) launched a regional plan that plans to collect 1,720 million dollars to support the care of migrants and refugees from Venezuela next year, reported the agency.

Some 7 Millions of Venezuelans have left their country in recent years due to the economic and political crisis facing the South American nation., Today the majority reside in 17 Latin American and Caribbean countries, said the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (OIM).

“Refugees and migrants from Venezuela cannot be forgotten. Many have seen their lives brought to a standstill and millions are struggling to feed their families or find opportunities to rebuild their lives.”, they claimed to be, UNHCR-IOM Joint Special Representative for Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants

The Regional Response Plan for Refugees and Migrants, that will bring together 228 organizations, It has been designed to respond to the needs of people in a more complex context, since a growth of Venezuelans is glimpsed in various countries of the region., that they could reach 7,4 million 2024, and the emergency regime approved by the Legislative Assembly at the request of President Nayib Bukele.

The initiative is the largest UN response structure in the world as it incorporates 17 countries between the northern border of Mexico and Patagonia in the extreme south of Chile, also including transit countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Costa Rica, explained the agency.

Stein recognized the efforts made by the countries of the region to regularize Venezuelans as “a crucial gesture of solidarity”, but nevertheless, many have not been able to rebuild their lives due in part to the global crisis.

This year the projected budget to serve Venezuelans was 1,790 millions of dollars, of which only a quarter of the funds have been received amid the worsening global economic situation, and the protracted nature of the pandemic, “have diverted the world's attention elsewhere”.

Venezuelan mothers and children waiting to receive economic assistance in Iquique, Chile /Photos Gema Cortes. OIM

“In 2022, only a quarter of the necessary funds have been received, which has forced the reduction of life-saving programs throughout the region and has put many Venezuelans on the edge of the abyss”, they added.

The UN also expressed its concern that more and more Venezuelans use “dangerous irregular routes and informal border crossings” in search of new opportunities fleeing in part from instability, difficulties accessing basic services, xenophobia and discrimination, and the lack of documents.

“This deterioration has further exposed refugees and migrants to the risks of trafficking, as well as exploitation and abuse at the hands of smugglers, traffickers and other criminal networks”, explained the agency.

So far this year some 148 thousand Venezuelans have crossed the dangerous jungles of the “Darien Gap” border with Colombia, although since the United States announced new immigration controls in October, the transit of migrants has gradually decreased.