11 August, 2022

WHO declared a global pandemic step coronavirus

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Writing Voice of Diaspora special report Rosy Figueroa, from Italy

The World Health Organization (WHO) You're just one step of declaring global pandemic by the coronavirus, because it can not contain the spread of the virus.

The last time he declared a state of global pandemic, it was in 1918, when you registered to the most serious expansion in the recent history of H1-N1 flu, when a third of the world's population is infected with the virus.

According to official information, WHO is awaiting the updated reports Africa and Latin America, where and first cases were recorded for the next step: declare global pandemic.

The first statement could impact the most affected countries. In Italy, for example, It could include plans ranging from stop all production activities and circulation on the streets, as it did China and South Korea.

This measure, said WHO defined as six phase, of the pandemic period, corresponding to measures to minimize the impact of the disease and also, to block the spread of the virus.

If the pandemic is declared state the measures taken by WHO were applied for the next seven to ten days, after declared. WHO said it is in stage five, equivalent to the alert declared a few days ago the world around him.

Until today, the only country where phase six is ​​declared China. When the spread of the virus reached the highest peaks, health authorities and the country, They ordered the entire population to remain isolated and quarantine decreed in the area.