3 December, 2022

O.J. Simpson served his sentence and is a free man

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

United States - Former football player and actor from 74 year old, was acquitted of his murder case in California and was convicted of armed robbery in Las Vegas.

His good behavior allowed him to be released on a conditional basis.. "Mr. Simpson is a completely free man now", stated Malcom La Vergne, Simpson's Las Vegas attorney.

Was the 1 from December, one day after a hearing before the Nevada Board of Parole, as notified by the spokeswoman for the Nevada State Police, Kim Yoko Smith.

O.J. Simpson has not wanted to give interviews and intends to stay and live in Nevada. Moved to a gated community in Las Vegas, where you play golf and use Twitter to express opinions about college and professional sports, especially about american football.

Before leaving prison he 1 October 2017, explained to probation officials that he had plans to move to Florida.