“We have no alternative to return to our country”

The situation of thousands of people are stranded around the world, due to airport closures, suspension of flights and closing borders, It is exasperating and full of uncertainty.

Among those who have been trapped in United States, there are some who were walking, studying or working temporarily in the country. Claudia, It is among those affected salteña. She was on a business trip, of which has not been able to return.

"When I came to America I I got very excited, because economically it was very difficult to come. I always wanted to make a work and travel, I was given and was very happy. Now I feel sad, because I would go back to my country ", said Claudia, Argentina Salta one, which it is stranded in Miami, because of the situation by the coronavirus.

Together with Claudia, There are eight Argentines from different parts of the country, they are stranded at the airport in Miami for several days and. Some of them, They have a ticket to ride, others do not. But for the moment, none can leave US territory to return home.

"This situation is overwhelming. The wait becomes too long, to me they have given me a flight for the 1st. of April, but it stops in Lima and I understood that Peru airport was closed ", says Salta, with some sadness in his voice.

Claudia came to the country for work and travel and had planned to return to Argentina 30 of March, but now the date is uncertain.

An employee of the Argentine Consulate in Miami said they believe that there are around 4,000 Argentine citizens stranded or trapped in Miami. But offices worked to help the Argentines return to the country, despite restrictions.

But nevertheless, Claudia, says she and the group of people who also are waiting at the airport for an answer, They have requested information from the consular offices, but have not been answered.

"We have no alternative to return to our country. Airlines are collapsed and simply say that we hope, we have many flights canceled, they can not enter certain countries becomes more difficult the issue of scales "

And continues: "At the consulate, we only say that hopefully, but honestly I do not know what to expect, because they spend day and do not give us an answer and sometimes the treatment they give you airline employees is not very good, I also understand that they are tired and that people should complain much, but there you receive mistreatment and worse ", he said salteña.

But nevertheless, Yesterday the government of Alberto Fernández, announced that suspended the repatriation of Argentines because of the crisis. Data from the Argentina Chancellery, They indicate that some 30 thousand Argentines are stranded in several countries due to the situation of the coronavirus.

"I communicate with my family, they are aware of the situation the. They are obviously concerned, I come forward, but they are much easier knowing we're in a group, then things are different, you are not alone. I try to reassure ", says Salta.

For now, this young Argentina is focused on be patient and think about solving day to day, hoping that at some point the authorities of the country, pose an alternative for all its citizens can return to well.

"We have sent data to the Consulate, the Foreign Ministry, I have no idea, If you are seeing some kind of solution, for now we have not said anything. No and a topic hosting, of food, nothing. Those who do not have tickets they are much more difficult because airlines are not selling tickets ", says young.