Do not forget to Acapulco

For Latin Americans, Acapulco was a vacation spot for the middle class in the eighties, anchored in the collective imagination by Tin Tan movies and even because John F. Kennedy spent his honeymoon here.

Lauri García Dueñas by

Images of yachts and international jet set, in the seemingly distant forties and fifties of the last century, They made this port became a place for international tourism of rich and poor, because if something has Acapulco hotel is offering thousands of dollars a night like Banyan Tree, to humble and dignified about thirty dollars inns.

People can arrive via the airport or driving from Mexico City, Chevis folding chairs or pick ups with room from grandmother to pets. It is a destination that does not close anyone arrival.

One of the most important attractions is La Quebrada. Who has not seen in films or documentaries the brave and strong men who are thrown into the raging water from 35 meters high sometimes with burning torches? This persignarse and then entrusted to the image of the virgin Guadeloupe placed on a high bluff, tradition dating back to 1934 and transmitted from generation to generation children from ten years they began to prepare to become the heroes of the port.

Muralist Diego Rivera also shared his love for Acapulco, as "The House of the winds" was built in 1943 and bought by his patron Dolores Olmedo 1948. In this house, muralist painted two murals on the ceiling, one on the terrace and two on the facade. A heritage of the city.

Johnny Weissmuller nothing less than died in Acapulco 20 of January of 1984. It was an American athlete and actor of German origin, one of the best swimmers in the world during the twenties and won five Olympic gold medals and one bronze. Won 52 US national championships and established a total of 67 global records. After his career as a swimmer, He became the sixth actor to portray Tarzan, role he played in twelve films and was the Tarzan who more popularity has reached.

His house is still conceited, as one of the memories of Acapulco Golden, by boatmen to take you to the island of Roqueta in boats with glass bottom so that one can see the figure of a virgin embedded in the bottom of the bay and witness how native swimmers instead take their own hedgehogs mouth sea.

Roqueta Island is another attraction of the port, with 420 hectares of land, It is the largest island of the coastline from the Gulf of Fonseca Acapulco. The technical coordinator of the Association for the Defense and Conservation of Roqueta Island, the oceanographer Efren Garcia, He assured the media that the area is a strong candidate to become this year's Natural Protected Area (ANP) thanks to its biodiversity and a recently discovered prehispanic past.

Another attraction not to be missed is the Boca Chica hotel Habita Group, It is maintaining its design and heritage of the fifties, which it includes a Venetian mosaic mural Francisco Eppens and petroglyphs.

For these and much more, international tourists can revisit Acapulco, Now that Cancun and Los Cabos have become more common destinations for visitors. Last awaits.