“Do not look at any pretty woman… Here they are all of Roberto Hugo Preza”

Illustrative photo VD: Marlon Hernandez.
second Delivery, by Carmen Rodriguez, with the special collaboration of Diana Arias

Harassment suffered by journalists was reiterated. Selena says that with so much insistence, He agreed to go for a coffee with your boss, thinking that the meeting would be to discuss work. But nevertheless, That was the worst episode that recalls the journalist, because his boss took by force and kissed the end of the meeting.

"I felt horrible ... they treat you worse than a piece of meat… as an object and force you to something you do not want. I feel as committed because it's your boss ... After that, the next week I walked hiding him. I was running late, He came when the room was full, I worked fast and I was ... I was going up by another way to not go through his office ", journalist account.

To Mary, the dream of working on a news channel conviritió in a nightmare. She arrived as an intern, months later came a square, he was assigned and that harassment worsened.

"There had noticed that all fraud. Before I give the square, he told me: "To you it suits us out! It will be a place for you and press you agree that platiquemos outside '. Always she said no, and I said so did not want to earn my place ", dice.

I refuse to insinuations also he brought them consequences. The three journalists interviewed during this research agree that saying "no", they opened the doors to humiliation. Ironically, the recognition granted by the Legislature, in recent days, He argues that Preza is a professional journalism; but nevertheless, these three journalists say the opposite.

"It's a person who likes to humiliate him others, make you feel like people who are less than him and women more ", says Natalia.

Selena and Mary, ensure that after so many times that stopped the harassment, annoying, cherishes, It made them look bad in front of co-workers, the humiliated and treated them "like fools", He is saying he had them do the work to make it right.

Support victims

These testimonies are not secret. Juan Carlos Rivas, who he worked for several years in the editing and production of one of the supports news reporters what her companions were counted and says he does not take long to find out what happened. Shortly after after arriving, warned him not see any pretty woman in the channel because "they are Hugo Roberto Preza".

"Forget, Do not look at any pretty woman, because here they are all of Roberto Hugo Preza, He told me one of the producers. That was my first shock. When we first started working, He came a pretty girl to do an internship and a few days left. She left a note to a colleague in which he said he could not be in a job in exchange for their dignity. After, he told me that Hugo Preza had told him it had to be her lover to give him the plaza ", says Juan Carlos.

Mary and Selena, Juan Carlos told him so passed. further, other journalists doing their internships also had in the editing room and dressing rooms. "To me they told me several girls. He began by asking the phone number and then goes harassment. Looking for the weakest, with all the presenters tried, He not played because there were people in front, but he came, he kissed them, He embraced them up to strength ", reports.

And continues: "I was disgusted. But I could not do anything because I did not want to lose the job. He spoke to the ear, I saw them with dirty looks. After, in front of such meetings 15 people referred to the girls as' prostitutes' sometimes'.

Journalist David Pérez, Audiovisual then working for the UCA, these cases also met and worked audiovisual material that would expose the allegations and what was happening in the channel. But nevertheless, his superiors told him that the material would not be published. Y, but the reporter insisted, the material was never released air.

"He 12 July 2018 work began the subject. In early September, a proposal was submitted to the Director of Audiovisual UCA, Maena González. In the first proposal were two journalists who refused to speak on camera for fear. The director demanded that more work and substantiate 8 October a new proposal was submitted, four testimonies recorded in the peers denounced harassment ", explains journalist.

according to Pérez, Director of Social Projection of the UCA, Omar Serrano, "It was clear in saying that the only requirement was to publish, have a copy of a complaint, either the prosecutor or the Attorney. He said the fear of journalists, but he refused to be flexible. The alternative he offered, you was to help them denounce, but they would not do. All material was filed in the library unit and said maybe could resume the day he knew of a complaint or someone else published on the topic ".

Deaf ears

"My surprise was that everyone already knew and it was not just me that was wrong. For publishers it was a joke and said that he (Hugo Preza) walked seeing what gets or can. They knew everyone in the channel. When I went to talk to his boss, don Fredy Ungo, He told me he had heard rumors ", Selena says, indignantly.

"The head of Human Resources knew. I said, when I told him, I was going to do Test microphone, I did not know what she meant and she told me she was referring to oral sex ... the same degree of Human Resources!, she said to me that he meant. Then I knew that everyone knew what he was doing ", says Maria.

And indeed, the rumors, cases and complaints against Preza are no secret in El Salvador. A senior official of the ISDEMU, He confirmed in an interview off memory, which took place during this investigation, that the institution knew of several cases. Cases were reported there, but were not published because Preza, It was "close friend" to the ruling party.

"We received several complaints and between those, We received a delicate case, a girl who was up in the psychiatric hospital, by stress and trauma that caused all this. But she desisted for fear. The institution is tied hand if the victims do not continue the process, because the institution itself can not bring complaints to the prosecutor ", she said in the interview.

further, complaints also reached CEMUJER. But nevertheless, the institution is not legally proceeded, because the victims were afraid of the consequences that could bring them public to abuses and desisted from continuing legal process.

Both institutions have documents on cases and details about sexual harassment, who suffered several journalists during the investigation and said the documents could be released if the victims gave permission for cases were known. But also, both institutions distanced themselves from talking specifically against Preza, these cases.

Juan Carlos, co-worker of journalists, He went to the Prosecutor, the Attorney for the Defense of Human and CEMUJER, to denounce the harassment suffered by her companions. But it was in vain.

"In all three places, I was told they had to go the victims so they could do something. I tried to insist, but also I was told as man and, somehow, My complaint was anonymous, they could do nothing and insisted that they had to report. That was frustrating ", He said.

Selena and Mary, They presented their cases with the head of Human Resources and director of the channel. But nevertheless, nothing happened.

Maria made an anonymous complaint with the Attorney General and recalls that when he uttered the name of Roberto Hugo Preza, to the person who made the statement, this he laughed and told another co-worker: "Here we are another whistleblower channel 21".

The silent fear

"He (cherishes) He boasted much of their power as a journalist. He said that journalists were the seventh power, he was able to talk and say things and people knew that power. always she said, if you had trouble with the police, you speak to him because he could help with that and Work out the problem ", Selena says.

While Maria says: "All this gave me depression, great stress anxiety .... I ended up giving so and because it, I received threats from criminal groups. I do not know if the threats have to do with this, but on a day coverage gang members they approached me and told me they had heard that I was a snitch and that would end as Trickle (cameraman the same channel, killed by gang)”.

According to Juan Carlos, news director boasted among its contacts to some gang leaders against journalists. It helped to arrange several interviews in prisons, that reproduced on the news channel 21 as exclusive.

When Mary told his chief threats, this he said: "I have contact with mere mere hence (gang area). If you want, I can talk to them. I can tell them that you do nothing and to calm down ".

Selena says the director of the channel, He said he would talk to Preza to stop harassing her. But nevertheless, she believes she did nothing, because programs that were in charge of Preza had much news star raiting and directing was well accepted among fans.

Institutions did not act

He said Arévalo Posada Ana Yanci, PGR, interviewed during this investigation, when they receive a notice of domestic violence or gender violence, the institution commissions a social worker who "moves to the place" where it has given notice to corroborate what is happening.

"Always, it will always be necessary to declare the victim, but I can initiate an investigation by a notice, Yes you can. This notice might come from neighboring, or we receive a phone call or an anonymous email. With the announcement it comes to placing both the victim, and to identify the situation in which it is ", He said the official.

This is part of the protocol. If research, the institution determines that there is a crime, then it must inform the prosecution and the prosecution should take a complaint to the victim. As the official explained, women who report workplace bullying, generally are also victims of sexual harassment before, but not all victims are prepared to denounce abuses.

"It seems like a lie, but many women have knowledge or information but are afraid, fear of losing a job. they think: "If I denounce I'll be unemployed and probably do not listen to me", there is always that thought in negative for women. "He is the owner of a media outlet, he has power, he has money, I am a journalist more, I am a presenter more », said Arévalo.

According to statements from Maybelline Ayala, Coordinator Unit Children, Women adolescence and Salvadoran Attorney, anyone can report sexual harassment.

"It can be anyone, depending on the place that it is aware of the facts, we are talking within a family, in a school, even family and within a work environment. You may report it, Anyone", Ayala said.

however, both institutions denied having received complaints against the news director of Channel 21. According to journalists who expose their testimonies in this report, the fact that the institutions of the state and other instances become deaf to this problem, It earned them to desist formal processes that may have started.