“I don't feel safe to be quarantined in El Salvador”

By Dennis Aguillón, Spain.

This week, Spain resumed some activities, as part of the actions that the authorities have undertaken in the plan to gradually lift the quarantine.

But nevertheless, not everyone will be able to return to their normal life. 180 Salvadorans are stranded in the European country and have no response indicating when they will be able to return to El Salvador.

Many of the stranded compatriots want to return to their country, regardless of whether they should be quarantined in government-created containment centers. But there are also others that despite the distance, they prefer to stay where they are so as not to expose themselves to an uncertain quarantine situation in El Salvador.

María Olivares is one of these compatriots who prefer to wait for the situation to improve so as not to expose themselves, because it considers that these centers represent a risk of contamination and do not have the necessary health conditions.

“If I am going to put myself in a situation of greater risk against the virus and worse food conditions, comfort or health, I'm not ready, nor my family. I don't feel safe to be quarantined in El Salvador”, the student said, which is stranded in Spain.

María was studying for a master's degree in Colombia and traveled to Spain to meet a friend, a week before the emergency and closings were decreed in El Salvador. After the trip to Europe, he had to return to Colombia and finally to his country.

But, “I had to go through several airports and as I thought this would take a few weeks, that's why I decided to stay in Spain”, his family supported the decision and without hesitation gave him their support, despite the distance.

“I'm safer here”

As the crisis progressed, María contacted the Embassy of El Salvador in Spain, because you need a medicine and also, your savings are not enough to support you for a long time.

“I am sharing a room with a friend, but I have to help pay for house services. For now I have survived with savings and with what my family has given me. I take a medicine”, the Salvadoran stated.

The 24 March he filled out the forms indicated by the Salvadoran Embassy staff. A month later he received news from the authorities, but for the moment, has survived thanks to the support of his family.

For now, María prefers to wait and stay in Spain, even if he's away from his family. Well, already spent a month in quarantine with her friend and none of the people who live in the same house, had no symptoms of Covid-19.

“I feel safer here. I do not leave home, I am taking all the necessary measures, and if i come back; I don't know what people they can have me with, if they are infected or not ”, pointed to the Salvadoran, From Madrid.

Despite the fact that the Salvadoran Supreme Court ordered the Government, create a plan to repatriate the over 4,500 Salvadorans who are stranded around the world, the Executive said that it does not have the capacity to receive them.

For now, Salvadorans must wait for authorities at consulates and embassies to answer their questions.