There is no exchange for extension of permits for Salvadoran TPS says foreign minister

By Carmen Rodriguez

The Salvadoran Foreign Minister, Alexandra Hill Tinoco, He said that the extension of the permits for the thousands of Salvadorans covered by TPS is not the product of any exchange or commitment acquired by the Salvadoran government in the agreement signed today in Washington DC, prior to the announcement for Tepesianos.

“The deal, it's not black or white. It is no exchange. We have not signed a safe country agreement, we have signed an agreement to protect the people who pass through the country”, The Foreign Minister explained when questioned about whether this extension of work permits is related to the signing of the agreement between El Salvador and the United States, that was done last September and that has to do with the problem of migration of Salvadorans.

According to the Salvadoran official, This is an achievement of the rapprochement and good relations that the government of President Nayib Bukele has shown to the United States since he reached the presidential seat in June of this year..

But nevertheless, contrary to the hopeful speech of the Salvadoran Foreign Minister, official US government statements, They talk about an extension of the work permit for Salvadorans that allows them an organized exit, once the processes that are developed in the California court are resolved.

“What we know is that we have a year after the date (in which the court proceedings are resolved)”, Hill said, plus, assured that due to the political context that the United States is experiencing, prior to the presidential elections, US officials cannot talk about a permanent solution.