17 August, 2022

Not congratulate yourself on International Women's Day

By Carmen Rodriguez

The 8 March is commemorated, in many countries, the International Women's Day. The theme chosen for this year, by the United Nations Organization (HIM) is "Think equality, We build intelligently, Innovemos for change ".

This day reflects and struggle and progress in equal rights commemorated, gender and opportunities. But also, day must be put on agenda the issue of gender violence, evil that continues to affect society and continues to claim the lives of many women.

Only in El Salvador, smallest country in Central America, femicide as many violent deaths of women and occurs. A study by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) from last year, He revealed that this country topped the rate of femicide; well, For each 100 thousand women, 10.2 suffered violent deaths.

These data are supported by the Association Melida Anaya Montes, Salvadoran feminist organization, also confirms that each 18 hours a femicide is committed and during that same year, 460 women were murdered.

According to data EDUCO, "Girls born in Latin America have the 70% likely to suffer some kind of violence throughout their lives. In Latin America, Violence against women is a social phenomenon critical, 7 decade 10 suffer verbal violence, psychological, sexual and physical in their lives ", and many of these cases end in death of women.

Girls are not spared from this violence. EDUCO notes that, this scourge is "atrocious, with alarming data ". Girls suffer from sexual exploitation 9 years and adolescence are sexually assaulted.

The 8 of March, thousands of women take to the streets to condemn sexism and claim that men and women have equal rights.

In 1972 the Asamblea General of the UN, He said that from 1975 the International Year is commemorated Women, recognition of the 25 years of work of the Commission on the Status of Women, who he fought to eliminate discrimination against women in 1967.

But nevertheless, it was in 1909 the first time that this date was commemorated and US, when the women Socialist Party, They managed to gather 15 thousand women marched in New York City, in which they demanded reduction of working hours, better pay and voting rights.

That date was chosen, 34 years after hundreds of women workers of a textile factory, marched in the same city against low wages, they were less than half of what men charged. So, The march ended in disgrace, 120 women died, after being brutally assaulted by police.

In 1910 the International Women's Day was officially established in Copenhagen, with the clear objective of promoting equal rights. That same year in Spain, another triumph of feminist struggle was celebrated, with the royal ordinance that allowed access to college and equal conditions for women.