Alas Nilson overflows with nostalgic collection of poems “Mutilations and other parts Memory”

Photo VD / Maria T. Pérez.
The Salvadoran still yearns for the days when his Salvadoran hometown San José Las Flores.

By Maria T. Pérez

Texas. A talk about life, the world, politics and the experiences of a childhood marked by the war that led to migrate from the countryside to the city, was the prelude to the Salvadoran poet Alas Nilson presented exclusively for the Voice of Diaspora News, “Mutilations and other parts of the report.”

Nor he lacked the little coffee pot flavored with cinnamon and typical "German Salvadorean" to accompany this pleasant encounter with the poet and his family, based in Houston, Texas, place presents its recent result published by Editorial Labyrinth.

In "Mutilation and Other Parts of Memory", Alas meets 23 poems overflowing sensibility and melancholy and kill him feeling far from the blessed land of his birth.

For the poet Osvaldo Hernandez, who wrote the presentation of the work, "Alas Nilson starts to get used to some poems that say just the right words".

While walking his first work, "Solar Notebook", Alas invites us to enter into the intimacy of his childhood and witness radical changes that marked a way through the pain of war, of exile, and the misfortune of being in a cold city and calculator.

"I came to think and to believe that the sun shone on Las Flores- San José Las Flores, It was not the same that shone in San Salvador, "he said. It was not for less, the writer spent the freshness of the countryside to the concrete jungle, of the birdsong to the bustle of the city. Definitely, a great gulf.

While in his second work, “Chest Family”, the poet takes us to meet his family and pays tribute to his parents, Dona Irtelia Henriquez and Don Eulalio Wings, both pleasant remembrance. In the third poem in this book, breathes almost predicting migration when expressed: "Amasijo cement gave me in return: I did not ask leave, pueblo, less forget .. "

Alas Nilson kisses and hugs melancholy. His work is a hymn to nature, a tune family, crying at the pain of the migrant, and a cry of pride in his beautiful companion Marisol, and two suckers, Oscar y Cindy.

The poet invites to learn to live with our own mutilation and to seek answers to what we are marking time and space.

Photo VD / Maria T. Perez.
“Mutilations and other pieces of memory” It is the third work of the Salvadoran writer who resides in Houston, Texas.


I'll go alone,

as the migrant without borders,

unclothed, without yelling.

In the crystalline nakedness of a river that dwells in me,

in the movement of the sheet,

see my light transcend infinity.

As life begins, I will go.