Nicolas Maduro refuses to leave power in Venezuela

CARACAS, VENEZUELA – JANUARY 30: A man walks past a mural depicting Venezuela’s late President Hugo Chávez, Latin American independence hero Simon Bolivar and Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro on January 30, 2019 in Caracas, Venezuela. Self-proclaimed “acting president” of Juan Guaido Guaido is appealing international leaders and military forces to recognize him as the rightful president and calling on protests against the government of President Nicolás Maduro. (Photo by Marco Bello/Getty Images)
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

“I am the president of all Venezuela, of Venezuela truth and we will continue to govern everyday”, and he directed Nicolas Maduro, Speaking at a march of Chavistas that developed in the Venezuelan capital, only a day after the deadline it gave the European Union (EU) to call transparent elections in the country.

further, in his speech, Mature, hinted that in the “macabre plan” United States is preparing a “coup” and he insisted that it will remain in power despite recommendations from other countries to convene presidential elections in the coming days.

But nevertheless, the Venezuelan leader said he was ready for dialogue as proposed by Mexico, Uruguay, Caribbean countries and Bolivia, to create “a national priority” which has as its most important economic issue about the country.