10 August, 2022

Nicaragua authorizes the entry into its territory of troops and ships from Russia and Venezuela

Vladimir Putin visit, adds to the penalties for.., and Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua. (Photo archive/courtesy)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Nicaragua – Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega, authorized the entry into the country of military personnel, Russian ships and aircraft from next month, as well as the departure of military forces and means from the Central American country in specific missions.

The provision is contained in a presidential decree published last 7 June in the Official Gazette and was confirmed by the official Russian press this Thursday. The decree also authorizes the entry of military forces from Venezuela.

The decree authorized entry “to participate in training and exchange exercises in humanitarian aid operations, search missions, rescue and rescue in emergency situations or natural disasters”. The activities will be carried out with the ground forces, Nicaraguan air and naval 1 From July to 31 December this year, specified the document.

Ortega also authorized the entry of the Russian military and media to participate in joint operations with the local armed forces "against illicit" in Nicaraguan maritime spaces in the Caribbean Sea and in jurisdictional waters in the Pacific Ocean., It indicated.

in the same period, Nicaragua will allow the entry on a rotating basis of 80 military personnel, ships and aircraft to participate in "exchange of experiences and training exercise in humanitarian aid", and others 50 military, Russian ships and aircraft to carry out "works of confrontation and fight against drug trafficking and organized crime".

President Putin and Ortega (photo file)

The Russian government reacted to the publication through the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs., Maria Zakharova, who argued that the entry of foreign troops and military means to Nicaragua is something "routine".

Zakharova told the Sputnik news agency, the procedure is already “established in the laws of Nicaragua for the temporary entry of military personnel to develop cooperation in different areas, including humanitarian and emergency aid and combating organized crime and drug trafficking”.