New York fined with $250,000 racist

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The measure also condemns discrimination speak another language other than English.

Kriss Recinos

New York. The Commission on Human Rights NewYork City announced that multurá with $250,000 all who call “illegal immigrant” to anyone.

The measure is aimed at erredicar racist episocios and also, to criminalize discrimination based on immigration status, that occur in the city and that have come to public light through social networks.

Officials said that the term can have negative connotations when used with intent to degrade, humiliate or harass a person.

"It is unlawful for an employer, coworkers or housing provider a person, as owners, use derogatory or offensive terms to intimidate, humiliate or demean people, including through the use of the term "illegal alien", in which its use is intended to degrade, humiliate or offend someone else ", explains the order.

The legislation also qualifies as violation, harassment and discrimination a person to speak their native language or speak little English.

Fines apply when expressions are used as "back to your country", and the like. In addition to threats to call the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, either by employers or tenants.

The standard is intended that every discriminatory act is fined and the aggressed be compensated for damages.

Discrimination based on immigration status is illegal in New York but this legislation seeks to solidify the Human Rights Act the most populous city in the country.