He denied the existence of the coronavirus and died from the disease

The businessman Marco de Veglia, denied the existence of the coronavirus

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The businessman and one of the biggest anti-vaccine referents, Marco De Veglia, died after two weeks hospitalized in intensive care due to complications derived from the coronavirus.

Had 55 years, He was an outstanding marketing figure and recognized denier of the pandemic in the United States, He claimed that the situation in the world was nothing more than a conspiracy of the pharmaceutical companies.

De Veglia was a Miami-based businessman, used his communication skills to push for an anti-vaccination campaign, but nevertheless, not having the vaccine cost him his life.

The news of his death was made known by his friends who asked not to judge the man who ended up being a victim of false news circulating on social networks.

The businessman was never vaccinated and refused to take precautions for the disease.